Monday 14 October 2019

The urge to nest in pregnancy

I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts that strangely I have had little urge to actually get “ready” for baby number three. Of course it’s something I want to do and will do, but there has been little urgency and I’ve been exceptionally relaxed about it all compared to when I was pregnant with Isla and Archer.

With Isla, I had the nursery painted and put together around 2-3 months before she was due. By 32 weeks I had a fully stocked hospital bag complete with an instruction list for the last minute things to be picked up and where they would be. I was reorganising and repacking everything in her bag and room for weeks and the night before I went into labour I spent ages folding all her sleepsuits again. The urge to nest was overwhelming (although unfortunately for Jack it didn’t stretch to me actually doing much cleaning, just a lot of fussing with baby things haha). 

With Archer, having the pelvis issues, I got his room put together at 28 weeks. By 30 weeks, all his things were washed and organised and his room was ready to go. Of course, as I did with Isla, I spent a lot of unnecessary time in there fussing over it all. I had my hospital bag done by 32 weeks, and again I spent a lot of time writing lists and planning it and reorganising it over and over again to be the most efficient bag it could be. This was only fuelled by the fact I was induced as I had a lot more time to plan for specific dates and even prepare overnight bags for Isla. Again, I didn’t branch too far into tidying (I was too sore and in the wheelchair by the end!) but I would try as much as I could because I didn’t want the baby to come home to clutter. 

This third time around, as I said, I’ve been ridiculously relaxed. I’m about to hit 34 weeks and I’ve only just started to feel any urge to get it all done. Of course, frustratingly, now that I feel that nesting desire I can’t actually do anything to appease it.

Our third bedroom had a leak when we moved in and the wallpaper has always been a state (Archer admittedly made the loose parts worse) and being rented there wasn’t much we could do until the landlord agreed it would be good to redo the room. Thankfully she did give the go ahead and we have decorators plastering and sorting it all out. They’ve been here a week and should hopefully be done soon which is a relief as my house is full of misplaced furniture and boxes of new things for the baby. 

Once they’re done, I’m going to try and get it all sorted ASAP. I feel as though once that’s done I’ll be able to begin hospital bags and folding clothes and fussing again. It’s increasingly anxiety inducing knowing I can’t do it yet, but at the same time part of me is still relaxed and tempted to just pack the moment I go into labour. 

Luckily for Jack I actually have the urge to clean as well. This weekend he helped me do a big detail clean in the kitchen and he’s been down at floor level where I can’t go (without getting stuck that is) emptying and tidying the kitchen cupboards for me. I’ve also been fussing over the bathroom being as clean as possible (what if I go into labour on the loo and the ambulance comes in and sees a smeary mirror?!) and ensuring the carpet in the living room is clean. 

I’ve heard some women are up in the middle of the night cleaning and painting and organising things to a crazy extent... personally, as much as my skirting boards could use a wipe sometimes, I enjoy what little sleep I can get far too much for that nonsense. 

Did you do anything crazy when you nested? Or did you find yourself more relaxed with subsequent pregnancies? I’d love to know!

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