Sunday 27 May 2018

Isla at Three Years Old

I may sound like a broken record when I gush about how time has flown, but my little baby girl is now a whopping three years old and it's honestly blowing my mind.

I look back at the last three years and I can't believe my first baby and all her rolls and dimples, has grown into a such a smart and beautiful little girl.

Gone are the toddler days- Isla has the conversational skills of a 5 year old (from what the health visitors have said) and an understanding of the world to match.

We've recently began teaching her phonics and she nearly has the entire alphabet covered- with help she can sound out basic words like "cat" and "dog", though properly reading is likely a long way off now still.

Physically, she's doing wonderfully. She loves to run and jump, though she's often a little more cautious in this area. We've just started to teach her to ride her bike (with stabilisers of course) which has been an exciting new challenge for her, and she's absolutely loving it.

Isla has been potty trained since she was around a month off her second birthday, and she is also dry at night (though we wear a pull up at night in case, as we have no upstairs bathroom for her to be able to use at night) which is fantastic as I can't imagine having gone through changing two lots of nappies when her brother moved onto solids haha!

At three years old, Isla is a hugely curious and confident little girl, with a sassy smart ass attitude and a love for asking questions. Sometimes she is cautious, and she is very in touch with her emotions- she will tell you when and why she is feeling sad, or angry or even just tell you that she's really happy.

She loves to tell us when we're breaking the rules and she absolutely loves to "mother" her little brother and boss him around. A persistent little girl, ever since we started playgroup she has flourished and loves to chase the other boys and girls and talk to them until they become her friends.

Favourite Things: puzzles, arts and crafts, Sylvanian Families, Disney, David Bowie, playing at playgroup with her little brother, playing dolls houses, reading, coco pops, spaghetti and tacos.

Least Favourite Things: Eggs, Burgers, Pizza, washing her hair, saying goodbye, watching Trolls (no idea why on this one), being tickled.

I honestly couldn't be prouder of who she is becoming.
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