Monday 14 October 2019

The urge to nest in pregnancy

I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts that strangely I have had little urge to actually get “ready” for baby number three. Of course it’s something I want to do and will do, but there has been little urgency and I’ve been exceptionally relaxed about it all compared to when I was pregnant with Isla and Archer.

With Isla, I had the nursery painted and put together around 2-3 months before she was due. By 32 weeks I had a fully stocked hospital bag complete with an instruction list for the last minute things to be picked up and where they would be. I was reorganising and repacking everything in her bag and room for weeks and the night before I went into labour I spent ages folding all her sleepsuits again. The urge to nest was overwhelming (although unfortunately for Jack it didn’t stretch to me actually doing much cleaning, just a lot of fussing with baby things haha). 

With Archer, having the pelvis issues, I got his room put together at 28 weeks. By 30 weeks, all his things were washed and organised and his room was ready to go. Of course, as I did with Isla, I spent a lot of unnecessary time in there fussing over it all. I had my hospital bag done by 32 weeks, and again I spent a lot of time writing lists and planning it and reorganising it over and over again to be the most efficient bag it could be. This was only fuelled by the fact I was induced as I had a lot more time to plan for specific dates and even prepare overnight bags for Isla. Again, I didn’t branch too far into tidying (I was too sore and in the wheelchair by the end!) but I would try as much as I could because I didn’t want the baby to come home to clutter. 

This third time around, as I said, I’ve been ridiculously relaxed. I’m about to hit 34 weeks and I’ve only just started to feel any urge to get it all done. Of course, frustratingly, now that I feel that nesting desire I can’t actually do anything to appease it.

Our third bedroom had a leak when we moved in and the wallpaper has always been a state (Archer admittedly made the loose parts worse) and being rented there wasn’t much we could do until the landlord agreed it would be good to redo the room. Thankfully she did give the go ahead and we have decorators plastering and sorting it all out. They’ve been here a week and should hopefully be done soon which is a relief as my house is full of misplaced furniture and boxes of new things for the baby. 

Once they’re done, I’m going to try and get it all sorted ASAP. I feel as though once that’s done I’ll be able to begin hospital bags and folding clothes and fussing again. It’s increasingly anxiety inducing knowing I can’t do it yet, but at the same time part of me is still relaxed and tempted to just pack the moment I go into labour. 

Luckily for Jack I actually have the urge to clean as well. This weekend he helped me do a big detail clean in the kitchen and he’s been down at floor level where I can’t go (without getting stuck that is) emptying and tidying the kitchen cupboards for me. I’ve also been fussing over the bathroom being as clean as possible (what if I go into labour on the loo and the ambulance comes in and sees a smeary mirror?!) and ensuring the carpet in the living room is clean. 

I’ve heard some women are up in the middle of the night cleaning and painting and organising things to a crazy extent... personally, as much as my skirting boards could use a wipe sometimes, I enjoy what little sleep I can get far too much for that nonsense. 

Did you do anything crazy when you nested? Or did you find yourself more relaxed with subsequent pregnancies? I’d love to know!

Friday 11 October 2019

33 Weeks- Pregnancy Update

I wonder if I’m writing far too much about pregnancy sometimes on this little blog of mine, but the fact is pregnancy literally takes over nearly every aspect of life.

I’m 33 weeks now, and it’s nearly all I can think about. It’s a big change considering a month or so ago I was worried that I was too switched off from it all and dismissive. I was actually forgetting I was pregnant sometimes.

I’m obsessing over the baby’s bedroom and his furniture. We’ve been waiting for the decorators to come in and do some work and we’ve had to fully empty what is currently Archer’s room for them, so the entire house is in disarray. That didn’t stop me going to Ikea because I simply couldn’t wait any longer and buying all his things to go in there once we reassemble the room. Of course my pregnant brain glossed over the fact I couldn’t actually build the furniture or store it anywhere so my living room is now full of unopened boxes in top of the million packages of baby things I haven’t got a home for yet.

I’ve also began getting the occasional “nesting” panic. I was cleaning the bathroom a few days ago and began worrying about the few mildew spots in the sealing around the bath and the fact the gaps between the tiles aren’t properly white anymore. When will I wash and organise his clothes if the decorators don’t hurry up? Will be have to be naked if he’s born before then? This is all illogical thinking of course because I have seven weeks. Relax Steph. Perhaps I was better off not caring so much about the prep!

Physically I’m not amazing. The SPD is of course still an annoyance and I still can’t push myself too much or I’ll be in pain the next day or so and unable to do anything- I actually just got an exciting product designed especially for helping with SPD which I’ll be sharing soon, hopefully it helps. Round ligament pain is irritating me in the night too which has made moving in bed in general nearly impossible without a lot of effort and grunting... sorry Jack. It’s generally worse when I need to pee as it adds weight and pressure to everything, but needing to pee is exactly why I need to move to get out of bed and of course I can’t move because of it all.... it’s a very annoying cycle.

I’m moaning so much about it all. I do enjoy being pregnant, I just don’t particularly enjoy the fact my body just doesn’t seem to cope with pregnancy. It’s disheartening to see women about to give birth who can still jog or exercise or just bend over in general when my body seems to have struggled physically all three times. I understand some people have it worse, but that doesn’t make me feel better. At least I can say I’ve officially passed the milestone I ended up in a wheelchair last time!

Baby is doing well. He kicks regularly and he seems to be getting quite heavy now. Favouring head down, he spends a lot of time massaging my lungs with his feet which is the absolute worst so of course I give him a shove because I do need to breathe actually mate! I just can’t wait to meet him.

7 weeks to go!

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Ten baby boy names we love but won’t be using!

We picked a name for baby number three when I was around 18 weeks pregnant. We’d found out we were having a boy at 16 weeks and had been discussing names for both boys and girls long before we knew! It took a lot longer for us to pick Archer’s name than it did for this little one, and I’m pretty sure (if my baby brain serves me well) that I was suggesting Isla from 13 weeks onwards.

Friends and family do know his name but I likely won’t be sharing it on my blog or social media until he’s born. There’s always the tiniest chance we will change our minds once he’s here and it’s quite fun keeping one aspect secret when I’m usually so public with everything else. 

With that said, here are ten baby boy names either myself or Jack liked that we will not be using!

1. Ozzy

Jack absolutely loved the idea of Ozzy (yes, as in osbourne) and he nearly had me for a minute before I decided it sounded too much like a pets name. I considered it as a nickname for something like Oscar but he vetoed that idea. 

2. Bowie

Can you see a theme? We’re both massive music nerds and this one was my idea. I even considered it for Archer, or a shortened version/homage “Beau” but Jack wasn’t keen as it would likely be mispronounced, just like David Bowie himself used to complain about. 

3. Forest

This was another of mine. I thought it sounded really outdoorsy and rustic, just like Archer. I got Robin Hood vibes with the duo! Of course, one mention of Forest Gump had me and Jack change our minds instantly. I still think it’s a lovely name but I couldn’t personally shake the association. 

4. Michael

Jack suggested this name a lot for Archer. He thought it went well with our surname, but I’ve always disliked the shortened version of “Mike” so I just couldn’t go with it. 

5. Finn 

One of my top names last time and this time. I don’t know why but I just think it’s a really sweet name... but it didn’t seem right. There wasn’t a particular reason, except it sounding like it suited him or our family. 

6. Henry

This was my favourite, besides Bowie. I love the name Henry and I think it ages exceptionally well, as well as being cute and suited for a little toddler. It was all too odd though seeing as Jack’s best friend and the children’s “godfather” is called Henry. 

7. Charlie 

I suggested this one and just like the name Henry, Jack has a very close friend with this name so again he didn’t like the idea of using it! I know some people don’t mind this sort of thing but it just doesn’t sit properly with us. 

8. Jacob

I love this name! I don’t even know why but it’s definitely always been high on my list. Jack didn’t even hate it and I sort of loved how similar it was to his own name... until Jack suggested that he liked the shortened “Jake” which I actually couldn’t stand for some reason which struck it off my suggestion list pretty quickly. 

9. David

We both liked David when I was pregnant with Archer. Again, it was an homage to David Bowie in my eyes and Jack likes “normal” sounding names. It was a big contender for our boys until Jack started putting on what I can only describe as a “pub voice” and calling the babies Baby Dave! It was funny for a moment but it became too much of a joke for me to to take the name seriously anymore. 

10. George 

I pushed for this name almost till the minute before we decided on Archer during my second pregnancy. It came up again this time but I wasn’t as passionate about it... it took me a while to get over the fact Jack wouldn’t agree to it back then (although it definitely wouldn’t have suited Archer in hindsight!) so maybe I’d just let the idea of a son called George go?

I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with any of these names, don’t get me wrong! They’re actually some of our favourites. It’s just so hard to find the name that really fits with baby and with the family... With that said I’m ridiculously happy with what we’ve picked and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

Which baby names would you have put on your top ten?

Tuesday 8 October 2019

New Baby Brother- Do they understand?

In a little over a month, I’ll be classed as full term and really getting things sorted for baby number three. It’s obvious by my blooming bump that I’m very pregnant and the house is full of baby talk.

With that in mind I’ve started to wonder how well my children understand what is going on. Do they really *get* how much it’s going to change when their new brother is here? Do they understand he will be with us forever?

When I was pregnant with Archer, Isla was under two and she had an exceptional grasp on language. Through conversations and explanations she seemed to really know what was what. If asked, she would explain about mummy going to the hospital, and that the baby would come out of her tummy and that he was a brother. I did sometimes question if she understood or if she was just parroting the things we have told her, but in the end she adjusted ridiculously well and very quickly.

Now that she’s four, of course she has a much better understanding of the world, and having gone through getting a new sibling before I do think she’s prepared but perhaps not mentally or emotionally... it’s a lot to take in and maybe just talking about it will never be enough. Though she understands it might still be a shock and a big change to the dynamics she is used to. I hope she adjusts as quickly as she did last time.

Archer is older than Isla was during my last pregnancy but he doesn’t have the same grasp on language she had. He talks well for his age and listens well but she was more advanced. As he doesn’t speak as much as she did, it’s sometimes hard to work out how much he is taking in. He’s naturally quieter and thinks about things a lot. I do talk to him about it all and ask him questions and while he responds most of the time, he does get bored of the topic quite fast and ignore me!

When we went to our 4D scan (you can read about that here) he did suddenly seem to associate us talking about “baby brother” with my growing stomach which has been a big breakthrough. He likes to hug my tummy and kiss it and if we ask about baby brother he knows where he is. We’ve also got a few of our scan photos around which he calls by the baby’s name.

I suppose we will just have to wait and see if his association switches from photos and a baby bump to the actual baby once he is here!

They both love babies so I’m not worried too much about whether or not they’re “ready” as I think that will just develop once he’s here. Until then we are just continuing talking about it all as much as we can and we’ve been reading stories that include babies, as well as talking about baby brother every time we buy something for him.

How did you get your little ones ready for a new arrival? I’d love to hear any advice or experiences you’ve had. 

Friday 4 October 2019

Envirokidz Cereal- Breakfast with a purpose! [Review & Giveaway]

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now Isla is in full time school it really is! I do what I can to make sure she’s had a good start to the day so she keeps her energy up till her lunch- all the fun and learning can really drain her.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been trying the Envirokidz cereals by Nature’s Path every morning. There are currently three different varieties to try- Leapin Lemurs, Gorilla Munch and Choco Chimps!

Envirokidz cereals are high in fibre, dairy free, gluten free, organic and according to my children- yummy! I was actually a little concerned that being a “healthier” cereal they wouldn’t take to them or they would taste bland- they aren’t fussy kids, but they like the sugary kinds of cereal usually and have turned their noses up at some brands in the past... I don’t know if it was the fun packaging or the fact that it’s healthy AND some are chocolate flavour still, but each box has been a hit! It’s a huge relief to not have any arguments about eating before school. 

Even Jack has been on board with them as he’s been trying to eat healthier lately!

I will admit the peanut butter taste in the Leapin Lemurs didn’t jump out at me but they were still gone within a week with all of us enjoying them.

These aren’t your fun themed cereals though- each pack is themed around the animal they’re named after and features fun facts and activities which aim to teach children to protect the world they live in- they even have things to do inside the box before you recycle it! Nature’s Path also donate 1% of all sales to support endangered species and each of the animals featured is an animal they help through the donations. How wonderful is that?

If you’d be interested in trying them, they’re £2.99 a box which is pretty reasonable for a branded cereal in my opinion- add on that they have a better purpose and it’s definitely more worth it!

You can also check out the widget below and enter to win the range yourself! Good luck!

I was gifted these cereals in exchange for review. All words, photos and opinions are my own. Please ensure you read the T&Cs of the giveaway if entering. 

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Thursday 3 October 2019

32 Weeks- Pregnancy Update

Let me preface this post with the following statement: I love/hate my iron pills.

I’ve been taking them for two weeks now, and the difference is ridiculous. I didn’t realise how tired and miserable and just *done* I felt until they made me feel a bit better. Anyone who has had anemia knows how horrible it is- it shouldn’t be taken lightly and brushed off as normal pregnancy exhaustion and I couldn’t even climb the stairs in one go- but honestly even just two weeks of these pills and I’m a different person.

The side effect of iron... not so good. Let’s just say my poop is not nice... it’s green and very often (though for some, its a once a week treat) and I’ve nearly been caught short on my waddle home from taking Isla to school. The pills are also causing a huge amount of heartburn as I’ve been taking them with a little orange juice as recommended. To counteract the heartburn, I take antacids. They contain calcium that stops the iron being properly absorbed as well as it should - it’s all a very dull cycle, so the midwife has told me I can cut down to two a day till a few weeks postpartum. 

Back to the general pregnancy though! I’m 32 weeks today. The home stretch is flying by and absolutely nothing is ready, yay! We have the majority of the things we wanted and needed for him and I’m really excited to share it all with you, but nothing is actually ready, it’s all just stacked in my living room. We’re waiting for the builders to come and fix up the back bedroom before we buy our storage bits or set up. Thankfully they’re coming on Monday so I’m feeling confident we will get it done. 

Maybe it’s a third baby thing... I feel the urge to nest and get ready but I’m being patient as I know I can’t. It’s a strange comparison to the last two where everything (even my bag for hospital!) was done by this point.

I do feel more well in myself. It’s a huge relief. The SPD though? That’s getting worse. I’m needing a long hot bath with salts nearly every other night just to relieve some of the pain and pressure from my pelvis and even moving slightly too fast has me crying out in pain, worrying anyone who hears. I’m doing what I can to not just tough it out and I’m still not as bad as last time (by this week of pregnancy I couldn’t go out without a wheelchair) so the midwife is happy to ignore the topic of induction so I can stay under her care instead of moving to a consultant. 

Yes it’s a little miserable. I can’t carry my son. I can cook and do dishes and tidy, but slowly and with rests during even the smallest jobs. I can’t roll over in bed without sounding like a cow mooing in pain. I’m coping though and I’m happy to carry on for the next 8ish weeks!

Finally, baby is doing well! We had a couple of days over the last week where I noticed his movements reduced/changed and I’ve kept in touch with the midwife and know if it happens much more, to head in and get a more in depth check. I’d always rather go in and be told it was nothing, than not go in and have something be wrong! 

He’s growing on the 90th line still, and I’m sure he’s going to come out covered in hair because of the amount of heartburn he causes. 

8 more weeks!
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