Tuesday 8 October 2019

New Baby Brother- Do they understand?

In a little over a month, I’ll be classed as full term and really getting things sorted for baby number three. It’s obvious by my blooming bump that I’m very pregnant and the house is full of baby talk.

With that in mind I’ve started to wonder how well my children understand what is going on. Do they really *get* how much it’s going to change when their new brother is here? Do they understand he will be with us forever?

When I was pregnant with Archer, Isla was under two and she had an exceptional grasp on language. Through conversations and explanations she seemed to really know what was what. If asked, she would explain about mummy going to the hospital, and that the baby would come out of her tummy and that he was a brother. I did sometimes question if she understood or if she was just parroting the things we have told her, but in the end she adjusted ridiculously well and very quickly.

Now that she’s four, of course she has a much better understanding of the world, and having gone through getting a new sibling before I do think she’s prepared but perhaps not mentally or emotionally... it’s a lot to take in and maybe just talking about it will never be enough. Though she understands it might still be a shock and a big change to the dynamics she is used to. I hope she adjusts as quickly as she did last time.

Archer is older than Isla was during my last pregnancy but he doesn’t have the same grasp on language she had. He talks well for his age and listens well but she was more advanced. As he doesn’t speak as much as she did, it’s sometimes hard to work out how much he is taking in. He’s naturally quieter and thinks about things a lot. I do talk to him about it all and ask him questions and while he responds most of the time, he does get bored of the topic quite fast and ignore me!

When we went to our 4D scan (you can read about that here) he did suddenly seem to associate us talking about “baby brother” with my growing stomach which has been a big breakthrough. He likes to hug my tummy and kiss it and if we ask about baby brother he knows where he is. We’ve also got a few of our scan photos around which he calls by the baby’s name.

I suppose we will just have to wait and see if his association switches from photos and a baby bump to the actual baby once he is here!

They both love babies so I’m not worried too much about whether or not they’re “ready” as I think that will just develop once he’s here. Until then we are just continuing talking about it all as much as we can and we’ve been reading stories that include babies, as well as talking about baby brother every time we buy something for him.

How did you get your little ones ready for a new arrival? I’d love to hear any advice or experiences you’ve had. 

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