Friday 11 October 2019

33 Weeks- Pregnancy Update

I wonder if I’m writing far too much about pregnancy sometimes on this little blog of mine, but the fact is pregnancy literally takes over nearly every aspect of life.

I’m 33 weeks now, and it’s nearly all I can think about. It’s a big change considering a month or so ago I was worried that I was too switched off from it all and dismissive. I was actually forgetting I was pregnant sometimes.

I’m obsessing over the baby’s bedroom and his furniture. We’ve been waiting for the decorators to come in and do some work and we’ve had to fully empty what is currently Archer’s room for them, so the entire house is in disarray. That didn’t stop me going to Ikea because I simply couldn’t wait any longer and buying all his things to go in there once we reassemble the room. Of course my pregnant brain glossed over the fact I couldn’t actually build the furniture or store it anywhere so my living room is now full of unopened boxes in top of the million packages of baby things I haven’t got a home for yet.

I’ve also began getting the occasional “nesting” panic. I was cleaning the bathroom a few days ago and began worrying about the few mildew spots in the sealing around the bath and the fact the gaps between the tiles aren’t properly white anymore. When will I wash and organise his clothes if the decorators don’t hurry up? Will be have to be naked if he’s born before then? This is all illogical thinking of course because I have seven weeks. Relax Steph. Perhaps I was better off not caring so much about the prep!

Physically I’m not amazing. The SPD is of course still an annoyance and I still can’t push myself too much or I’ll be in pain the next day or so and unable to do anything- I actually just got an exciting product designed especially for helping with SPD which I’ll be sharing soon, hopefully it helps. Round ligament pain is irritating me in the night too which has made moving in bed in general nearly impossible without a lot of effort and grunting... sorry Jack. It’s generally worse when I need to pee as it adds weight and pressure to everything, but needing to pee is exactly why I need to move to get out of bed and of course I can’t move because of it all.... it’s a very annoying cycle.

I’m moaning so much about it all. I do enjoy being pregnant, I just don’t particularly enjoy the fact my body just doesn’t seem to cope with pregnancy. It’s disheartening to see women about to give birth who can still jog or exercise or just bend over in general when my body seems to have struggled physically all three times. I understand some people have it worse, but that doesn’t make me feel better. At least I can say I’ve officially passed the milestone I ended up in a wheelchair last time!

Baby is doing well. He kicks regularly and he seems to be getting quite heavy now. Favouring head down, he spends a lot of time massaging my lungs with his feet which is the absolute worst so of course I give him a shove because I do need to breathe actually mate! I just can’t wait to meet him.

7 weeks to go!

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