Wednesday 9 October 2019

Ten baby boy names we love but won’t be using!

We picked a name for baby number three when I was around 18 weeks pregnant. We’d found out we were having a boy at 16 weeks and had been discussing names for both boys and girls long before we knew! It took a lot longer for us to pick Archer’s name than it did for this little one, and I’m pretty sure (if my baby brain serves me well) that I was suggesting Isla from 13 weeks onwards.

Friends and family do know his name but I likely won’t be sharing it on my blog or social media until he’s born. There’s always the tiniest chance we will change our minds once he’s here and it’s quite fun keeping one aspect secret when I’m usually so public with everything else. 

With that said, here are ten baby boy names either myself or Jack liked that we will not be using!

1. Ozzy

Jack absolutely loved the idea of Ozzy (yes, as in osbourne) and he nearly had me for a minute before I decided it sounded too much like a pets name. I considered it as a nickname for something like Oscar but he vetoed that idea. 

2. Bowie

Can you see a theme? We’re both massive music nerds and this one was my idea. I even considered it for Archer, or a shortened version/homage “Beau” but Jack wasn’t keen as it would likely be mispronounced, just like David Bowie himself used to complain about. 

3. Forest

This was another of mine. I thought it sounded really outdoorsy and rustic, just like Archer. I got Robin Hood vibes with the duo! Of course, one mention of Forest Gump had me and Jack change our minds instantly. I still think it’s a lovely name but I couldn’t personally shake the association. 

4. Michael

Jack suggested this name a lot for Archer. He thought it went well with our surname, but I’ve always disliked the shortened version of “Mike” so I just couldn’t go with it. 

5. Finn 

One of my top names last time and this time. I don’t know why but I just think it’s a really sweet name... but it didn’t seem right. There wasn’t a particular reason, except it sounding like it suited him or our family. 

6. Henry

This was my favourite, besides Bowie. I love the name Henry and I think it ages exceptionally well, as well as being cute and suited for a little toddler. It was all too odd though seeing as Jack’s best friend and the children’s “godfather” is called Henry. 

7. Charlie 

I suggested this one and just like the name Henry, Jack has a very close friend with this name so again he didn’t like the idea of using it! I know some people don’t mind this sort of thing but it just doesn’t sit properly with us. 

8. Jacob

I love this name! I don’t even know why but it’s definitely always been high on my list. Jack didn’t even hate it and I sort of loved how similar it was to his own name... until Jack suggested that he liked the shortened “Jake” which I actually couldn’t stand for some reason which struck it off my suggestion list pretty quickly. 

9. David

We both liked David when I was pregnant with Archer. Again, it was an homage to David Bowie in my eyes and Jack likes “normal” sounding names. It was a big contender for our boys until Jack started putting on what I can only describe as a “pub voice” and calling the babies Baby Dave! It was funny for a moment but it became too much of a joke for me to to take the name seriously anymore. 

10. George 

I pushed for this name almost till the minute before we decided on Archer during my second pregnancy. It came up again this time but I wasn’t as passionate about it... it took me a while to get over the fact Jack wouldn’t agree to it back then (although it definitely wouldn’t have suited Archer in hindsight!) so maybe I’d just let the idea of a son called George go?

I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with any of these names, don’t get me wrong! They’re actually some of our favourites. It’s just so hard to find the name that really fits with baby and with the family... With that said I’m ridiculously happy with what we’ve picked and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

Which baby names would you have put on your top ten?

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