Wednesday 30 August 2017

What They Wore- August Weeks 2-4

In this post I'm highlighting some of my favourite outfits that Isla and Archer have worn during the second half of August. If you like seeing posts like this, follow my Instagram as linked in the sidebar and you'll see a lot more outfits besides these ones!


 Archer wore his first every pair of jeans- and of course I combo'd them with a plaid shirt. He was giving me some real Autumn vibes in this get up, I'm so excited to dress him for the colder weather in the next months! Jeans from Tesco F&F and top from Next.

 Who can say no to a novelty baby vest? No-one! I got this cheeky vest from the Wish App and it only cost me around £2. I've got some brilliant Harry Potter themed vests stored for the next sizes up too. His cheeky face says it all really.

As you can probably tell from my Instagram feed, and the way I've designed this blog- I've got a bit of a thing for white. I love soft whites and greys with a bold black added in every now and then. Keeping it monochrome classic! This soft white Winnie the Pooh set really captured the end of Archer's newborn days perfectly and I have a feeling I'll look back at this photo a lot- the outfit really makes him look so sweet and innocent. From Asda's George department.


 I love this look on Isla. A simple monochrome shirt and a pair of high wasted shorts with a lacy curved leg to them. She looks so grown up when combined with the messy bun. I swear this girl dresses better than me most days. And look at the pompom detail on the sleeves! Top from Primark and shorts from Mothercare.

 I have almost every dress in this collection from Next and this jungle bird print is by far my favourite. A simple skater style dress, and perfect for summer and even colder days when combined with a cardigan and tights. (& George Pig is featuring a royal look as per Isla's request when taking this photo!)

Rompers and playsuits are so in fashion at the moment- and how lovely is this full length stripe and frill design? The legs actually popper completely up like on baby clothes which means I don't have to pull them fully off for potty time which is a huge bonus. Can I get some fashion points for the space buns in her hair too? She calls them her mouse ears. From Next!

I'd love to see what your little ones have worn, comment or tweet me if you feel like sharing!

Steph xo

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