Monday 21 August 2017

Archer's 11 Week Update

This week marks Archer entering his last week classed as a newborn. He was only 3 weeks early, so we don't adjust his age for milestones- so yes, when he hits 12 weeks old at the end of this week he will officially need to get himself a proper baby job because he will be an infant.

It's had me all sorts of emotional- especially since he has officially outgrown his preemie, newborn, and 1 month clothing. Putting it all away I've realised I will never have another fresh baby (we're done with two!) and he's started to look and feel huge to me.

Length: >61cm (51cm at two weeks)

Weight: >13.5lbs and to be weighed next at 13 weeks (6lb 12oz at birth)Clothing size: 0-3 months and Up to 3 Months

New this week: Purposefully kicking his piano play mat, sleeping in his own bed for most of the night, having a "bed time" and sticking to it, keeping hands open and not in a fist when playing, able to smack toys hanging above him

Likes: sitting up with support, squealing and cooing at daddy, chewing his fists, the elephant hanging toy on his swing & playmat

Dislikes: getting out of the bath and dried, the majority of dummy brands, when mummy puts him down during his nap

Mummy & baby product shout out this week: Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Mat. I hate the music, and he loves it. It takes up room as we now have two mats in the living room, but it's been so worth it. He absolutely loves it and the second we put him on it he starts to kick and pant with excitement. The toys dangle at the perfect height for him too. He's getting more into toys now so it's nice to have something so colourful to stimulate him.


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