Thursday 10 August 2017

Chatty Blog - a new start, and a new baby!

Well hey there! That's definitely the first thing I should say, since this is my first post on this brand new shiny blog of mine. My name is Steph and welcome to Under Our Roof!

First off, an explanation for anyone who may recognise me from another blog. This blog is a rebrand and restart for me. I had a blog previously, and had an amazing time working on it- but when I got pregnant with my second in the last half of 2016, I was exceptionally poorly and neglected my little space on the internet. It just didn't feel right or possible to return as my life and voice have changed so much. I feel like a different person to the one writing it, so have made the scary decision to move on and begin again fresh.

So to start, a little about me and my family! I'm in my mid twenties (and about to be on the end closer to thirty unfortunately), and mum to a feisty two year old named Isla, and an equally feisty but much smaller newborn boy named Archer. I'm partner to Jack, and we've been together just over three years.

I've been fighting the urge to quote mean girls in this little bio... "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!" because I am a little self inflated sometimes and I really do feel like a cool mum. I'm sort of crap at crafts, and I make most of my parenting up as I go along, but my children are happy and chubby and sort of put together.

It's really actually quite daunting starting fresh, because I don't feel as though you as a reader will fully understand my voice until this new blog is nice and stuffed with posts and stories. I guess we're going to have to grow together- so stick around and keep an eye out for more posts about our life and adventures. I hope you enjoy this little look at the chaos under our roof.

Steph xo

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