Thursday 10 August 2017

What They Wore: August Week 1-2

Welcome to a new feature on the blog I'll be publishing every fortnight- "What They Wore".

In this short segment I'm going to be highlighting some of our favourite outfits from the past few weeks and I'll be sure to let you know where we got them from!

August has so far been a wash out, with the occasional glimmer of sunshine. Dressing children so they don't get too warm inside when playing, but with the added compatibility of going outside has been near impossible so we've just stuck with summer clothes in the hope it encourages some warmth.


Nothing is cuter than a baby in dungarees. I mean every word of that statement- especially dunagrees with a sweet teddy bear face on. These are from Next and he will probably wear them at least 10 more times this month as I want to make the most of them before he outgrows them.

This romper has the appearance of a tee and shorts but it's actually a pullover all in one that unbuttons on the bottom for nappy changes. I combo'd it with a lovely jungle print top and bottoms for Isla but she managed to spill coco-pops all down it before I could take a picture of them together. That's children for you! This was from Mothercare.


I got this adorable shirt and short combo from the "Wish" app. It's not the best material but it was a bargain and the candy stripe bottoms were too sweet to pass up. Perfect for our upcoming holiday!

A sweet and simple combination, pink shorts from Next with a lovely ruffle around the waist and this watercolor effect bicycle tee from Mothercare.

We're slowly moving away from pure Cbeebies on the tele, and Isla is getting herself fully besotted with all things Disney. Hopefully this means a trip to Disneyland is on the cards in the next few years! Minnie top from Next and the simple denim shorts were a bargain in Matalan.


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