Wednesday 11 October 2017

Nimble Milk Buster- Review and Giveaway

As I've been breastfeeding Archer, I've only really used bottles on rare occasions, using milk from a breast pump. I recently went into my cupboards to move some bits around and I found my bottles were a mess- they looked greasy and grimy and when I opened one, they really smelt!

How had this happened?! I hadn't used them for ages, but I had washed them and put them all away dry. I could literally smear the grease with my fingers. Apparently, because my breast milk is high in fat, it can leave a residue film across all my pump parts and bottles. It can even happen with formula.

It was perfect timing really for me to test out the milk buster sprays by Nimble. The handy spray is designed to get into all the nooks and crannies of bottles and tiny pump parts (as well as bowls and spoons if you're weaning!) and get rid of the cloudy smelly residue, leaving them crystal clear and germ free as the day they were bought.

To make the test fair, I took out two of the bottles we have yet to use and filled them both with some pumped breast milk and gave them a shake, then left them to sit for an hour.

(splashed with milk)

I then washed and rinsed one in just water, and the other using the cleaning technique on the back of the milk buster bottle.

I was honestly sceptical at first, but after having to re wash all my bottles and pump parts multiple times between uses, I was willing to try anything.

(After washing)

The difference was clear almost instantly- the bottle on the right was with milk buster. Look at how crystal clear the teat is compared to the already cloudy bottle on the left! I wash and sterilise so thoroughly but the difference really is as clear as day using milk buster.

You can buy it in full size bottles and a handy travel size which you can throw into any travel or changing bag. You can also rest assured as the product is plant based, so no chemical nasties.

Now, if you're interested I'm offering two readers the chance to win a full sized bottle of Milk Buster to try for yourself! Enter in the widget below!

Milk Buster by Nimble

I recieved a full sized and travel bottle of milk buster in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own, and all photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

Prize to be supplied directly by brand. All entrants must be UK residents aged 18+ and supply valid contact details. Winners will be selected at random and contacted by myself. Winners will need to confirm details by responding within 14 days or winner will be re-selected.


  1. Favourite thing this month, lots of fun at the day nursery.

  2. I sterilise my bottle in the microwave. So quick, easy and effective x

  3. I sterilise in the microwave easy but simple way x


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