Saturday 14 October 2017

Monster Island [Film Review]

"It's spooky but fun, and a little scary. But fun scary! Can we watch it again tomorrow?" (Isla)

Monster Island is a fantastic new family film coming out this month, right in time for Halloween. Bought to you by the producer of Top Cat Begins and the writer of Madagascar, it is a wonderful animated feature with a lot of laughs and just the right amount of fright, and we were thrilled to be lucky enough receive a copy to review.

I've been doing everything I can to get Isla into the spooky Halloween spirit- if you've been reading my other posts you can tell it's one of my favourite times of year- and this film was the perfect vibe to get her in the mood. Every week for one day a week, we snuggle up after her afternoon nap and have a bowl of popcorn and a film, and she'd been eyeing Monster Island up suspiciously since it had come in the post.

The film follows Lucas, a young boy who isn't having the best time in the human world- but once he finds out he isn't exactly human he leaves to find his real roots and discovers Monster Island, a wonderfully vibrant world full of more tentacles than a seafood salad, fangs, and a villain so well written you'll be booing him off the screen (Isla did, several times!).

The movie is rated PG so I sat with her- I was worried some of the monsters might be a bit too scary for her, but even at 2 and a half years old Isla wasn't phased. She absolutely loved telling me about all the weird and wonderful things she was seeing and could follow along really well with the story. Even as an adult, I found it hard to look away. It's a seriously enjoyable film for the whole family.

Monster Island is due for release on the 16th October!

We received a copy of Monster Island in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own. Pictures provided and owned by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution.

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