Tuesday 12 September 2017

What's in my Changing Bag- Baby & Toddler Edition

Now that I'm a mum of two, my changing bag has reverted back from a backpack full of snacks and a few nappies (when it was just Isla) to a whole sack of "just in case" items and "you never know" essentials.

Since there is a risk of either child ruining their clothes/needing the toilet/being hungry at any moment, I like to ensure I have something for all occurrences and keep the bag ready to go so I don't have to do the mad scrabble before we leave.

I got my bag off of Amazon- a brand called Kidzzone- and it looks close enough to handbag to still be fashionable, with a lovely waterproof inside and lots of pockets to lose biscuit crumbs in.

For the toddler:
  • Spill Proof Cup: We use both the Nuby variety and the Munchkin 360
  • Snacks: For nutrition and bribery purposes
  • Spare pants and shorts/trousers: Potty training has gone well, but we still like to prepare for an accident just in case
  • Spare outfit: Because you never know
  • Fold up raincoat: If it's cold, Isla will wear a coat out but I like to keep something waterproof handy in case she isn't under the raincover on the pram
  • Sun cream: This is for the baby too, to keep them both protected
  • Sunglasses: For the rare sunny day
  • Toys: We usually have a handful of cheap toys that Isla can fiddle with if she is stuck in the pram for a long time
  • Plasters: Isla is a little bruiser and scrapes her knee every other day

For the baby:
  • Nappies: I try to keep at least 5 in here for a day out, around one an hour and a half although he rarely needs changing that often
  • Wipes: helpful for both the toddler and baby, for everything from bums to hands to wiping tables
  • Nappy Cream: We use most brands, but at the moment we're using E45
  • Muslin Clothes: For spit up, dribble, and Archer loves them to snuggle as he falls asleep. Also good as a cover for breastfeeding if it's windy or I want to cover up a bit
  • Spare Outfit (x2): For the inevitable poo or puke explosions
  • Spare dummy: Archer can shoot a dummy two metres through a crowded area, never to be seen again. 
  • Sun & Winter hats: I keep both handy because British weather is ridiculous and unpredictable
  • Coat: An easy to add layer if it gets cooler
  • Nappy Bags: Great for stuffing dirty nappies in till you find a bin, and also to use as wet bags to bring home any soiled clothes or toys
  • Travel Changing Mat: For if we can't find a baby change- any surface becomes suitable or cleaner at least

For mummy:
  • Purse
  • Hand santiizer
  • Reusable breast pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Snack
  • Sterilising anti-bac surface wipes
What's in your changing bag? If you have anything you can't live without let me know!

Steph xo

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