Friday 1 September 2017

Toddler Favourites- August 2017

Isla is a few weeks short of being 2 and a half years old, and is deep into the phase where she knows exactly what she likes, and when she wants it (usually NOW).

Here are some of her favourite things from this month.

1. Sylvanian Families

We got Isla the Cosy Cottage starter set for her second birthday as she had shown quite an interest in role play imagination toys. Well, she has been hooked since and her collection of dolls, houses and accessories now trumps anything I'd amassed as a child. From pirate ships to school buses, she loves all of it. I've even started collecting the furniture sets which she uses in this old victorian style dolls house I've been fixing up for her.

2. PJ Masks

As much as I am pleased she is moving on from the likes of Justin's House and more baby directed TV, I can't express too much joy at her new found love for PJ Masks. I don't really understand it further than the fact she keeps smacking me with a coke bottle sword and calling herself Cat Boy... all jokes aside, she seems to get super psyched to watch this and it gives me 15 minutes of quiet to get stuff done.

3. Munchkin Apple Plates

We've been using these plates to make some cheap and simple, but super exciting toddler lunches. Isla was going through a bit of a phase where she didn't want to eat much at lunch time. I figured she was getting bored of the sandwich & snack combo. We've found using these plates and arranging different foods and presenting them in a fun way has got her motivated to eat again. You can read a whole post featuring these meals here.

4. Infacare Ultra Mild Baby Bath

It just isn't a proper bath without bubbles according to my toddler, and unless those bubbles last all the way through a hair wash, Archer dipping in and out for a quick wash, and another fifteen minutes of furious playing...well then they definitely aren't worth it. These bubbles really do what they say on the bottle and last for the entire bath. They smell lovely too which is a bonus.

If you have a toddler, share below what they're loving at the moment in the comments!

Steph xo

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