Wednesday 27 September 2017

Archer's 16 Week Update

Archer is 16 weeks old (as of the 22nd September)! I don't know why but it feels like this was the week when Isla properly became her own little person- and it's definitely ringing true with Archer too. He's changed so much over the last week or so- he's seeming less of a tiny baby and more of a little person gearing up and getting ready to take on the world.

Weight: Currently unknown (over 14lbs)

Clothing size: Up to 3 months, unless there are feet attached. Long and skinny still.

New this week: Laughing, cooing and yelling literally non stop as if he's chatting away, kissy noises with his mouth, outgrown the newborn bath seat, having an actual bed time before mummy and daddy.

Likes: Splashing legs in the bath, trying out the Jumperoo, stuffing everything into his mouth that he can, sleeping with a stinky muslin on his face

Dislikes: Watching everyone eating food without him (his sister was the same and an early weaner at 4 months!), getting stuck on his side when trying to roll, going to sleep in his own bed

Mummy & baby product shout out this week: Archer is getting to the stage where he wants to be moving around but can't because he has a massive head and hasn't learnt to roll both ways yet...this means when he's on his back for too long he gets super crabby, and I can't hold him sitting up all day as I'd never get anything done- so we've been sticking him in his Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair for small periods of time (he has the perfect head control for it). He is so much happier when he can sit up and watch his sister play, and it gets him off the floor for a bit when I need to hoover or eat!

What did you do once your little ones started to hate being immobile? 

Archer's next update will be at 20 weeks!

Steph xo

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