Tuesday 17 September 2019

First Week Of School- How are we adjusting?

Isla has been in Reception class at school for a week now! She’s done five sessions, though only three have been the full hours- they did a staggered start to get the children adjusted which I think is a fantastic idea.

It’s safe to say, despite me being unsure about it all as you can read here in my previous post about school, she was more than ready. I can’t believe how easily Isla has settled into it all, considering it’s a huge change to our routine after the summer holidays. 

I thought the lunches and long days may exhaust her but so far she’s not bothered. Every morning Isla flies into the classroom and barely looks back, other than pausing to hug her brother goodbye she’s gone instantly. The confidence is amazing. She’s also eaten all her lunch every day of the week, even on the day where she decided she wanted to try curry- she isn’t fussy at home but I doubt I’d have ever convinced her to try it if I’d cooked it!

Archer is adjusting. The first long day he seemed very quiet and withdrawn and clingy. There were a few moments where he tried to talk to her as well, before remembering. It was a little sad. Back when Isla was in preschool he napped for the 2-3 hours that she was gone, and then when he dropped his naps he had her home anyway as it was Summer! It’s all new to him to be alone with me!

We’re doing lots of baking and playing and he’s getting used to it I think. He loves the free access to the “Isla” toy boxes without her getting cross that he isn’t playing her game properly or the usually “she/he isn’t sharing” arguments cropping up. I think he’s also enjoying the extra attention- he’s the second child so he’s never had time just with me. 

I’m putting him into a little toddler gymnastics class starting next week which will give him something exciting to do with mummy- just like Isla getting to go to ballet every week! We also plan on starting toddler group again now it’s September and he will be in charge of what we do for once as Isla won’t be there....

As for me and Jack? It’s definitely different for me. I’m getting up much earlier to get them ready and Jack walks past Isla’s school to go to work every day so he’s got the added company on his trip every morning. I have a lot more to remember compared to preschool and even though we’ve started it still feels like there’s always a million things to sign and bring in- I’m sure it’ll be like this for the next 18 years haha! Thankfully when I’m much more pregnant, Jack is able to drop Isla on his way to work and let me rest.

It’s all new to all of us. Getting up earlier and remembering book bags and cleaning school shoes.... it’s been an exciting step and I’m not really sure why I dreaded it. 


  1. I am so pleased Isla has settled into school so well. The school lunches are brilliant for kids to let them try new food. My youngest is a fussy eater at home but used to eat all the lunches that she was given no matter what they were.
    Aww! It is so sad when a little one is left at home. My youngest used to cry when we dropped my eldest off at school because she would miss her. Now they love being apart from each other. lol It sounds like you and Archer are having a fab time. x

  2. I'm so glad she's doing well!


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