Tuesday 21 May 2019

Helping a child with nightmares- Dream Pillow Review & Giveaway

It's heartbreaking, to hear my daughter crying out in the night. For around a year now, around 3-4 times a month, Isla has nightmares. Sometimes her nightmares are mild and she tells us about them in a hazy half asleep way, before dropping back down onto her pillow- but there are some nightmares where she runs around her room and doesn't understand she isn't asleep anymore until we come in and turn on the light.

It's not a huge issue thankfully, and we put it down to her having a very big imagination, but it does disturb her sleep and she worries about going to bed sometimes in case a bad dream hits.

That's why I was so thrilled to be contacted by Dream Pillow. They have created three beautiful soft pillows designed especially for children aged 2-12, to help them combat bad dreams and get a good night sleep.

Isla was sent the "Lamby" pillow, which came with a pad of cloud shaped paper for her to write down her wishes for good dreams. For her first night trying it, she drew a rainbow and said she hoped she would get to go "over the rainbow" like Dorothy, just without the witches! After drawing or writing what she wants to dream about, she just has to slide the dream into the pillow and get to sleep.

I hoped that her having the positive images in mind in such a prominent and happy format would stop her imagination running away into scarier thoughts, and it seemed to ease her mind as well as she was actually excited to go to sleep!

She didn't dream about rainbows, but she didn't have any nightmares and said she will just have to try harder in her dreams the next night!

Dream Pillow is such a fantastic idea, and the creators have also produced a revolutionary sleep mask that reduces all light and up to 40 decibels of sound- so once the kids are settled with their pillows you can rest easy (or use it to ignore a snoring husband like me!).

If you'd like the chance to win both an original Dream Pillow and Sleep Mask, please do enter in the widget below! Thank you so much Dream Pillow for the good nights sleep!

Dream Pillow & Sleep Mask Giveaway

I was sent one Lamby Dream Pillow and sleep mask in exchange for this review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. What a gorgeous pillow! I do hope Isla continues to have happy dreams x

  2. a fantastic giveaway perfect for my niece

  3. My girl loves her sleeping mask ..i had to buy another as we kept loosing her amongst all her soft toys! She doesn't have a dream pillow so this would be amazing as she loves her bed and a good nights sleep

  4. This would be a great prize for my daughter

  5. This would make a lovely gift.

  6. This sounds like a lovely product that will hopefully help your little girl to stop having nightmares.

  7. Thank you for offering this amazing giveaway; I would love to win it! 🤞

  8. A DREAM for my GREAT neice

  9. Would love this for my grandson he has sleep problems thanks for the chance Fab Prize

  10. These are a lovely idea to give more comfort at night and feel safe

  11. This would be brilliant for my Granddaughter as she has trouble sleeping when she's staying here.


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