Sunday 12 November 2017

Why We're Swapping to Reusable Cloth Nappies

I've always been intrigued by the concept of cloth nappies. They were what everyone used way back when- they had no other choice! Then the disposable nappies came in and they were all the rage and cloth definitely isn't the mainstream anymore. 

I did use disposable nappies with Isla and I can't overly fault them and other than the terrible impact they have the environment I won't badmouth any parent who chooses to use them. They're easy, absorbent and effective in what they do. It's just such a shame that they are piling up in landfills not degrading.

I've been thinking a lot about our world and the impact we are having on it. It may not seem like it will make much difference to our current generations, but it will one day. Archer will produce around a tonne of nappies before he is potty trained. By switching to cloth, I'll at least make some change to my descendants futures right?

Add in the cost as I've managed to get some good deals and some friends have sent me pre-loved nappies and I'm going to save hundreds of pounds in nappies, as most reusable ones can be used from birth to potty.

I know I sound like I'm rambling a lot- it's how I managed to convince myself it was what I wanted to do! It's a big thing to add in to an already chaotic schedule- washing nappies on top of all the other chores I have to do seems a little self destructive but it's actually saving me laundry loads in the long run. The cloth nappies when I've done them up properly just do not leak poo- so without any more poop explosions I'm actually changing and washing Archer's clothes so much less!

The world of cloth nappies is definitely a complicated one. When you think of reusable nappies your mind might jump right to triangle nappies with a big safety pin. It's quite modern now though! With poppers and velcro, there are SO MANY different types of styles of nappies- in gorgeous prints too!

I'll be sharing our journey into using cloth nappies- wish me luck! It's going well in these early weeks but it's definitely a learning curve for the whole family. Even if it doesn't last, at least the time we've spent out of disposables will have reduced our impact on the planet by a small amount.

Do you use cloth nappies? Do you have any advice for me? Let me know!

Steph xo


  1. I always meant to try them but never did. That seems such a long time ago now x

  2. This is something that I wish I had done with my little girl, you can get some many beautiful cloth ones too.

  3. I am so interested to see how it goes for you. I have few friends that did it and loved it. I thought about it and decided against it for us, but I'm always so curious.

  4. If i am honest, I did think about using cloth nappies, but was scared of cleaning them. but I totally get why you went this way for the environment.

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  7. I started off with cloth nappies and have to admit i did change

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