Friday 3 November 2017

Archer's 5 Month Update

FIVE months old! Someone needs to pinch me, because Iv'e blinked and nearly half an entire year has gone by without me realising. My tiny 6lb speck of love has turned into a whopper of giggles and mischief. I'm pretty sure time is going so much faster than it ever did with Isla, and before I know it Archer is going to be moving out and I'll be an empty nester...

Archer really is the most wonderful baby. He's so affectionate and happy to see me, daddy and Isla, and he will smile at anyone who gives him a moment of attention. He loves to watch Isla play, and now he is getting older he is so desperate to join in. Weaning is going well, and he's started to have tastes and meals more often which is making him seem even more grown up!

I love him more than I could ever of imagined.

Weight: 17.5lbs at 21 weeks

Clothing size: 3-6 months (AT LAST!)

New this week: Rolling from back to belly in both directions (rolling all ways now!), sleeping in his own bedroom for some naps, sitting in his bigger boy chair in the bath, first Halloween!

Likes: Watching his sister play, Avocado and banana, smiling at old ladies (he loves the ladies, honestly its so sweet), crinkly books, when Isla splashes in their bath

Dislikes: Transitioning out of mummy and daddy's bed/bedroom, bed time, when food runs out

Mummy & baby product shout out this week: Our Tommee Tippee blender. I've been using it to make our own purees which is a different world compared to when I weaned Isla. I had a contract with the HiPP Wean Team when Isla was little which was fab, but really wanted to make my own in these early days as he wont finish jars/pouches and it works out cheaper. The blender is perfect for making around 8oz of fruits and veg I have sitting around and I've been storing them for a week of meals and tastes.

I'm so grateful for my little boy, honestly. He really has completed our family and despite all the lack of sleep and the fact he's sometimes SO clingy, one gummy smile and he's forgiven.


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