Saturday 18 January 2020

Harry- Six Weeks Old

(This post is coming a week or so late, but I had it pre-written ready for after posting Harry’s birth story!)

Harry is six weeks old! Where on Earth is the time going? We’re in the middle of the newborn haze, it’s been tough so far but hopefully we are moving on from “desperately clinging onto any shred of normality” into “this is going well”!

At his last weigh in, he was up to 10lb2oz (which incidentally is the weight Jack was the day he was born) and that was a huge relief in itself as at two/three weeks we were told he wasn’t gaining his birth weight back fast enough. Thankfully he managed to speed up, it just took him longer as he’s a big baby so had a fair proportion to gain back.

This week he started smiling. What an absolutely wonderful reward for weeks of no sleep, poop, crying (not always me, honest) and mess. It makes it all worth it they say, and they were totally right- something in those first gummy smiles fools the brain into thinking newborns aren’t just a potato that screams and that you may be willing to have a thousand more of them. Thankfully I have a toddler who keeps peeing on my sofa and a four year old who talks back, so I know better than to fall for it again.

Honestly all jokes aside, this week has been so much better. We’re finally getting through that first growth/development leap and Harry is opening himself up to the world a little more and showing those first glimpses of “himself” to us.

Sleep wise he’s doing well. He had a rough couple of days which I put down to him growing (we are about to stop fitting into newborn) but he really only wakes 2/3 times a night between 8pm-7am and he’s exceptionally good at settling himself back to sleep once he’s been fed- Isla and Archer had to be put down SUPER carefully and rocked for ages so it’s amazing to be able to feed him and then just put him down.

Likes: Baths, boobies, his Mamaroo.

Dislikes: Napping laying down, nappy changes, getting undressed.

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