Tuesday 19 November 2019

37 and 38 Weeks- Pregnancy Update

We’re well and truly into the “any minute!” phase of pregnancy now. Throw the bags by the door, make sure you’ve shaved your legs and get the panic stations ready! It’s go time! Or... that’s what everyone had me believing at 37 weeks. Writing this right now I’m actually 38+5 and I am the most pregnant I have ever been and I’m so unreasonably annoyed by that fact!

I’ll begin with my 37 week appointment. I’d last seen the midwife at 35 weeks and there had been zero sign of anything happened of course- you aren’t considered early term till 37 weeks. At the 37 week appointment I did mention to her that for a few days I’d had some light spotting but I wasn’t worried (though ANY bleeding in pregnancy should always be checked - always tell your midwife or consultant!) and that he felt lower than usual. She palpated my stomach and declared his head was beginning to engage 1/5 of the way down and that most third babies don’t do this till you’re close to giving birth. After a quick measure and a glance at my birth history, she confidently told me she doubted I’d make it to my 39 week appointment and he’d probably come soon.

Well of course I’ve been obsessed with every fart and stomach rumble since that day. I’ve had every labour sign you can google and more. Has he come? Of course not.

It isn’t just the midwife. Everyone is aware I had my last two at 37 and 38 weeks - even though Archer was an induction and doesn’t count - and so everyone has been on edge expecting me to have had him by now. Where’s the baby? Have you had him yet? He will *definitely* be here by the weekend! Spoiler: he wasn’t.

I sound cross and I am- I feel like everyone got my hopes up, including myself. It doesn’t help that I’ve had regular occurrences of prodromal labour (real early contractions that come and go daily without becoming active labour) with some pains genuinely taking my breath away and lasting hours regularly. Every twinge has me wondering if it’s finally go time....

It’s a torturous time. I have no idea when things will happen, or how they’ll happen. I’m on google more than I ever have been and I can’t help obsessing over it. You can tell me to relax but it’s one of the most life changing intense things a woman goes through- I can’t help but feel like my brain revolves around it all. I know reading and wondering won’t make it come any quicker but it gives me a sense of control in a fully uncomfortable and uncontrollable time.

So... baby is fine. He’s pretty low but he seems comfortable and I’m none the wiser. He could come when I finish writing this, or I may even go full term for the first time! Other than the frustration of the unknown and obvious discomforts, there isn’t much else to say except that I can’t wait to meet him. 

(And you’ll be proud to know, at 37 weeks and 2 days I finally bothered to pack the hospital bag!)

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